Nimue Skin Technology Treatments

Advanced Solutions for Smoother, Stronger, Healthier Skin

We are propud to use Nimue skin technology products in our clinic. – A popular choice for results-driven facials and skincare.

This specialised active skin rejuvenation treatment with 15% bioactive complex is ideal for environmentally damaged, hyperpigmented and problematic skin. A potent, yet gently active treatment, it delivers superior results refining pores and skin texture, while at the same time increasing elasticity, radiance and vitality.

Nimue facials are advanced professional treatments and are regarded as one of the most significant breakthroughs in treatment skincare. Since its inception over a decade ago, Nimue has earned a reputation for scientific innovation, expertise and excellent results.

As a leader in the field of treatment skincare technology, Nimue has been developed by Professor Aubrey Parsons, one of the top five cosmetic scientists in the world today.

Nimue’s advanced professional treatment range has been developed for treating environmentally damaged, problematic, hyperpigmented & interactive (sensitive) skin classifications.

Nimue professional treatments enhance the efficacy of home care products & accelerate the skin rejuvenation process, which delivers dramatic results. Through a professional consultation and assessment with your Nimue skin care therapist, a correct & optimum treatment program will be prescribed for your specific requirements.


Nimue’s active ingredients facilitate optimum skin health through a 4-phase treatment, namely:

– Rejuvenation of the skin – stimulates the skin function and create structural improvement in the skin. 

– Restoration of the skin – by regulating any imbalance in the skin. 

– Anti-oxidation of the skin – by inhibiting the damaging effects of free radicles.

–  Sun Protection – the most advanced sunscreen to reduce and prevent the harmful effects of UV rays.


Active Rejuvenation – This specialised active skin rejuvenation treatment with 15% Bio-active Complex is a potent, yet gentle, active treatment that delivers superior results, reducing pore size and achieving more refined texture, increased elasticity, radiance and vitality. Great for all Skin Classifications

Thermal Detox – This is a 4 in 1 treatment containing a deep cleansing peel made of black charcoal to create a deep cleanse. The peel is a combination of a thermal (warming) mechanism and a foam. This treatment is deep cleaning, detoxifying, oxygenating and exfoliating.

Ideal for first time Nimue clients wanting to experience a deep cleanse peel with instant results.

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Conveniently located in the centre of England in the town of Hinckley with parking nearby. We are approx. 5-10 mins from both Junctions 1 and 2 of the M69.

We are dedicated to helping you be the best version of yourself, without the need for surgery or invasive procedures at process you would not expect.

We offer the same treatments as found in many of the top non surgical clinics in the country at a fraction of the cost.

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