LIPNV needle-free lip fillers

The Hyaluronic Air Pen has taken the beauty industry by storm, with its no needle lip filler concept. If you would love fuller lips but hate needles, this could be the answer.

How does it work?

The treatment uses a special pen to deliver hyaluronic acid into the lips. The pen was actually first designed to eliminate the use of needles for those who suffer from diabetes, and has since been used by the beauty industry to allow for no needle fillers.

The active ingredient used, hyaluronic acid, rejuvenates and lifts the lip area, as well as stimulating collagen production, clever eh! The Hyaluronic Air pen captures air and pressure to allow Liquid Filler into the treatment area. Unlike a syringe injection, the probability of infection is remote.

Because of the method used we are able to put in between 0.3ml and 1ml in a  session.  This allows for clients that just want a slight natural enhancement without having to purchase a full vial of filler.   It also means the costs can be less than the traditional filler route.

How long does this treatment last?

The Hyaluronic Lip Treatment will last just as long as traditional filler! The average duration being 3-7 months, however, your client’s lifestyle will have a factor in the longevity of this natural product.  If clients have a preference to a certain brand of filler we can obtain that for them

Recovery time…

No recovery time is required, and your clients can return to work, and carry out normal activities immediately.  As with normal fillers, some swelling or bruising is possible.

What Are The Risks And Potential Complications?

Treatments are said to feel like a very slight ‘pins and needles’ sensation but are generally described as not uncomfortable and painless.
There are virtually no risks or side effects for healthy candidates, however, like in any beauty service, a full consultation must be carried out prior to treatment.

There is always the possibility of an allergic reaction to one or more of the ingredients within the topically applied serums used – this would become apparent immediately on application, by the appearance of redness. In rare situations, a patch test may be required  Patch tests are not compulsory, simply because the main ingredient used is Hyaluronic Acid, which our body naturally produces.

Treatment Advantages:

  • The Hyaluronic fillers are 100% natural.
  • No needles
  • No pain
  • 100% natural
  • Safe
  • Instant results
  • You can have between 0.3 and 1ml in a session making it more flexible in terms of cost and result

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Conveniently located in the centre of England in the town of Hinckley with parking nearby. We are approx. 5-10 mins from both Junctions 1 and 2 of the M69.

We are dedicated to helping you be the best version of yourself, without the need for surgery or invasive procedures at process you would not expect.

We offer the same treatments as found in many of the top non surgical clinics in the country at a fraction of the cost.

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